Bixby Voice 2.0 Update Release Date Rumors: Samsung’s Digital Assistant To Come Out In Oct. 18?

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The wait for the Bixby Voice 2.0 digital assistant may soon be over after rumors claimed that Samsung will finally release the new version of the app sometime next week.

According to reports, the South Korean smartphone and electronics products manufacturer will unveil the new version of the Bixby digital assistant during the company’s developer conference that will be held in San Francisco on Oct. 18.

Korea Herald┬áreportedly reported that the improved version of Bixby will finally have a third party support so it can be used by products other than the tech firm’s flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Reports also claimed┬áthat the Bixby development team will not be headed by Samsung Research America vice-chief Chung Eui-suk will now be leading the development of Bixby as well as the tech giant’s other artificial intelligence service. On the other hand, the company’s chief technology officer Rhee In-jong who used to lead the development of the digital assistant’s English and Korean versions will now be the head of the smartphone development.

Bixby is known for being the competitor of Apple Inc.’s popular Siri virtual assistant. It will also compete with Alexa from Amazon, as well as Microsoft’s own digital assistant known as Cortana.

When Samsung unveiled Bixby in several US and European markets at the start of the year, the tech firm revealed that it has the capacity to talk to the users as well as take photos and let it analyze its contents. It can also be used for setting reminders and giving out recommendations for food, products, and other services. But the new features of the digital assistant is still unrevealed at this moment.

Samsung has yet to confirm if the new version of Bixby will be unveiled next week.

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